Consensus Building - Overview

Pro:kons is a software to accelerate and support decision making and voting processes in Organisations, Companies and Authorities.

Major pro:kons benefits are:

  • Web based application
  • Defining your own decision making process
  • Support and documentation
  • Customised voting processes

The flexible architecture of the software allows the demonstration of the complete decision making process, from idea through to voting and results accompanied by certain single process steps.

Concept phases:

After a user enters a proposal into the system, the community votes if it is relevant or not. For approval a certain amount of yes votes (e.g. 50% of all user) has to be made by a certain due date. The approved proposal is then corrected, improved and changed by the community until everyone votes again for the amended proposal by a certain new due date. The result enables the decision maker to prioritise the proposals (e.g. 80 % yes are preferable to 60 % yes )

Single steps of the standard process can be extended, simplified or left out to support parts of the process.

Due to the transparent presentation of the voting topics (Proposals) as well as the linked discussions and voting results (intermediate results), complex decision making processes can be prepared and completed quickly. Each voting process can also be defined individually.

Our user right administrator tool allows the definition of various user groups within one voting module. Observers, a user who is only allowed to discuss or a user with voting rights can participate in the same decision making process with different rights.

The consequent use of standard web technology enables quick adjustments to existing technical specifications and individual internal processes.

Data exchange with or integration of third party systems work simply via XML-Adapter or SQL-Interface.