Functionality of the pro:kons prediction market software

The pro:kons prediction market software has been continuously enhanced for 10 years. It offers the following functionality. (Depending on license model):

  • multi-client capability
  • dynamic multi language capability
  • different markets for different user-groups
  • multi-skin feature: different languages/markets/usergroups for different websites
  • extensive market-administration system
  • transaction module
  • realtime chart tool
  • fully integrated discussion boards
  • market monitoring subsystem
  • extensive trader-ranking
  • personalized user-pages (portfolio, open orders, transaction history, user-messaging, preferred views, favorites, overcommit-feature)
  • web-administration-interface for all functions
  • extensive security management (logs, alerts, fraud-warning, user-, IP-, domain-locking)
  • high scalability
  • completely customizable W3C-standard-compliant web-frontend
  • WAI compliance (as an option)

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