The software solution for prediction markets

Harness collective intelligence for market research

Conventional methods for market research and business intelligence, such as surveys or interviews, are often plagued by inconclusive or unreliable results and fail to provide meaningful insights. Modern prediction markets outperform these old methods in 9 out of 10 cases.

Better forecasts help to avoid costly mistakes. Prediction markets incentivise respondents to consider and reveal their true beliefs. The market mechanism continuously aggregates these opinions into the best possible "single number" prediction. Forecasts react immediately when external factors change. Prediction markets also provide qualitative insights: the ongoing "market talk" reveals reasons for respondents' trading choices and extracts insights from market price moves.

The market mechanism also helps to build consensus because it always shows the middle ground between optimists' and pessimists' expectations. In-house markets or even a mix alongside regular panel respondents secures better acceptance for strategies and plans and their underlying assumptions. Organisational participation and buy-in actively contributes to the achievement of goals.

The method is ideally suited for all questions where human actions and counter-reactions come into play. Originally, prediction markets were best at election forecasts and policy decisions, but with our technical innovations you now can use the method for a broad range of market research applications such as concept, package and advert pre-testing, as well as pricing and feature decisions.

Pro:kons R3 is a leading prediction market software, complemented by more than a decade of practical experience in designing, running, moderating and supervising markets for clients. Prediki, our new cloud service, combines affordability with unprecedented versatility and speed of results availability.

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